Beautiful Misbirths

We want to share ideas we've left behind us during this year. Work, interrupted.

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Beautiful misbirths.
Sometimes, you find ideas that light a fire in your gut, and then it follows
the freeziest icing touch in your balls when these ideas end up dead in a ppt.
Unfortunately, it happens more thant we'd wished to, so we want to share ideas
we've left behind us during this year. Work interrupted.
We work for a digital bank that nobody knows it. Really, even some of
its clients don't know it belongs to one of the biggest bank groups
in the world: Banco Santander.
This was the perfect opportunity to say something different that comes straight
to its DNA. This is the bank that says something honest to you.
This is the one that doesn't interrupt your life.
Concept video.
Commercial: pool
Digital approach.
As nobody wants to spend a minute reading about bank products in the real life,
we thought of Vine to explain bank products in 6 seconds. Here comes some tests.
Print & Outdoor.
We are a bank that works without interrupting your life.
The best way to print it was simple: make it invisible.
"The bank that doesn't interrupt your life 
wasn't going to interrupt this interview."
Corporate social responsibility.
Instead of the usual cardboard check donated to a random NGO organization, we wanted to improve our environment within the campaign concept. For instance, a wheelchair ramp to avoid interruptions for disabled people.
Affinity Petcare.
Pet food ain't fancy, but it feeds one of the best relationships 
you can possibly have (hopefully, not the best).
So when we entered a pitch for Affinity's flagship website,
we put our focus on relationships, not food.
As it is true that the more time you live with your pet the more you look alike,
our web was conceived to relate with you like you do with your pet.
Oh, and it was responsive for all your devices.
Concept video.
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