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The Trajectory of Pasion (Internet Spot)
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Edward Lorenz was a metheologist working on a weather forecast system. Suddenly, he realized that any single weather disruption could generate consequences far away.As an example, he said:"The presence or absence of a butterfly flapping its wings could lead to creation or absence of a hurricane.
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Albert Einstein said once that "Both space and time are relative for observers. Even if they divide space and time in different equations they will find out that each one has the shame structure". Space and time doesn't matter, as we provoke the same effect.
The Magnetism of Colours -Fan Infographic-

John Tuzo Wilson, geologist, reformulated the Continental Drift Theory by exposing that "the proccess of fragmentation started due to the effects of a hot spot, and million years later this tectonic plates would stick together". This statement proved that an apparently small action can generate big effects.
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