Sailor Jerry - Tattoo Admission

When Sailor Jerry came to our hands, it took our breath out. We had a bottle of smoothly spiced rum, and a fully inspiring story yet to be told. The story of Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins, the artist that coined the Old School tattoo from his studio on Hawaii.

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The Original Sailor Jerry
A tattoo admission community.
Tattoos are now part of our mainstream culture. 
Back in the 50s, when the Old School tattoo father Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins
inked people in his Hawaii Studio, it was rebellious. It was for sailors, soldiers,
pinups, rock stars and misfits.  It was not a David Beckham thing. 
And so is The Original Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum.

Respect the legacy of Sailor Jerry creating
a digital community with tattoo admission.
The community for inked fellas.
Photographies by Miguelez.
The Pool Party.
We emptied a pool, filled it with rock bands,
and invited our fellas to a BBQ with free drinks
on the 4th of July.
Sailor Jerry sales folder.
We introduced the story of Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins
where it has to be told: a tattoo artist flashbook.
Year I showcase.
Awards & Honorable Mentions:
Shortlist - Best use of other digital media in a promotional campaign @ Cannes ‘12
Shortlist - Alcoholic drinks promo @ Cannes ‘12
Shortlist- Websites - @ El Sol ‘12
Shortlist- Promo Activation - @ El Sol ‘12
Silver - Eventoplus '12
BranD Magazine - 2012 Nº 02 Sensualism
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